I demand an apology – Medikal tells Rosemond Brown on rape accusations

I demand an apology – Medikal tells Rosemond Brown on rape accusations

Medikal. Photo credit: Instagram

– Rosemond Brown has accused rapper Medikal of trying to rape her

– Rosemond Brown said she took Medikal as her brother but he had different intentions for her

– Medikal has spoken on the issue, demanding an apology from Rosemond Brown

Rapper Medikal has broken silence on an accusation made against him by Rosemond Brown that he tried to rape her. In a report sighted by NIGERIALEAKScom on Neat.com, Medikal said he received “ten million calls” after the news about his alleged rape by Rosemond Brown went haywire. Thus Medikal is not happy and has demanded an apology from Rosemond Brown.

Medikal. Photo credit: Instagram

According to him, that false accusation could tarnish his image and brand, therefore, Rosemond should do the right thing by apologizing to him and rectifying the error she has caused. He revealed in an interview with Neat FM that Rosemond Brown had informed him, or sought his permission to make a video on about him. However, he didn’t know she would go that far, therefore, she should apologize, and also be careful about the things she says in her video.

Rosemond Brown has claimed in one of the many videos that Medikal attempted to rape her when they met at a club in Accra recently, labeling him a rapist.

But as it’s known about wannabe Rosemond Brown, it is believed that she did that out of her quest for fame. It is hoped that the Akuapem Poloo, as Rosemond is referred to, would listen to Medikal and apologize if indeed there was no attempted rape on his part.

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