‘I can’t give more than I have’ – Tonto Dikeh replies fan who called her fake

‘I can’t give more than I have’ – Tonto Dikeh replies fan who called her fake

Nollywood actress and single mum, Tonto Dikeh, took to her Instagram page to address a comment from a fan who called her fake, for not helping her financially.

According to the follower @ebubeamandannebeolisa, Tonto Dikeh only helps those close to her or famous. Her comment reads;

“You can’t help someone’s life you are a fake person, help someone you don’t know you only help those close to you or famous, rubbish.”

However reacting to the post, Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page to state that she can’t give more than she has. She also disclosed that her DM is filled with hate messages from people over prizes they didn’t win or contests she held.

Her post reads;

“Sometimes I’m super scared to open up my DM not because of the pleas for help but because of evil-mindedi  women like this…I have gotten tons of messages calling me all sorts of names in the book because they didn’t win a prize or I haven’t gotten around to answering their emails, texts, DMs etc…”

“Some even tell me how useless I am and I how I will never get help when I need it… the thing is, nothing can stop me from being who I am…I can’t give more than I have… #If blessings are around you, it means God is in your neighborhood…why not appreciate and pray you to become one of the people God will bless?”

“Its super unfair but who says life is fair…they will always say something even if you do nothing so just do…between I don’t know anyone personally who won my giveaways or who I have helped privately or publicly via social media @ebubeamandannebeolisa Amanda I pray God provides for you, so you can teach me what real love, real help, and real life is…until then, I wish you all the best.”


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