I can’t apologise to Ahneeka – Noble Igwe


Despite the criticisms and even the disappointment expressed by former housemate, Ahneeka, Noble Igwe is still standing by his words.

While Ahneeka was in the Big Brother Naija reality show, she received major backlash majorly for what people perceived to be her unhygienic ways. One of the people most vocal about this was Lagos fashionista, Noble Igwe. After Ahneeka was evicted from the show, she got to see the harsh comments made by Noble Igwe and was particularly disappointed in him. According to her, nobody should be allowed to talk about another person like that on social media. Well, it appears Noble Igwe remains unapologetic about the comments he made concerning her. Sunday Scoop reached out to him to speak on the issue and this is what he had to say:

“I have said a lot of good things about her in the past. There was a time I said she speaks good English. Why didn’t anybody raise eyebrows at that. I like it when things are balanced; they make a lot more sense that way. Dotun of Cool FM also tweeted about Big Brother housemates.


“The truth is that everybody has an opinion about the housemates. It could be about their hygiene; the way they dress or any other thing. I don’t think anybody has an issue with people commenting on the show. These guys are on national TV and we watch them all day; so, there’s nothing wrong about passing comments about whatever happened in the house. Whatever I said about BBN was strictly about what I saw the housemates do. On a particular day, there was a close-up shot of her underarm and the viewers saw that it was not well-shaven; I tweeted about it. On another day, the cameras showed this particular housemate peeling her face and I tweeted that it would be nice for this housemate to wash her face often and stop peeling it. I speak about everything in the house so far it is caught on camera.” On whether he was going to apologize or not, he said, “You are supposed to apologise when you feel that you have done something wrong. You apologise when you feel it was a personal attack. You cannot apologise for stating the fact that everybody can see. Criticising a person doesn’t mean that I don’t like him or her.” Meanwhile Ahneeka has released photos of her new look. The reality star and TV presenter who was formerly on low afro shaved off her hair completely and is currently rocking a bald look.



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