I can kiss on set but can’t allow my ‘chest’ be touched – Actress Opeyemi Adetunji


Acting comes at a price, which every actor understands. Playing certain roles will require one to do all manner of things just to bring to life the character the director is trying to portray. All that, however, for the upcoming actress, Opeyemi Adetunji is irrelevant, especially when it comes to acting in romantic scenes.

In a recent interview, Opeyemi opened up about her acting career and her ground rules even though she has always dreamed of being an actress all her life. Speaking on acting romantic scenes, she said: ”I can act a romantic role, but I cannot go nude on set. I cannot allow my boobs to be touched in a movie. Kissing is my limit when it comes to playing such roles.” She also revealed challenges faced when searching for a role: “Being visible and getting roles has been a challenge. I know that it’s only a matter of time. The pay is fair for now. When you are passionate about a craft, you won’t think about the money as long as you are happy doing it”.

As a woman, Opeyemi is susceptible to s3xual harassment, a prevailing occurrence in the industry which many fall victim. For the young actress: “s3xual harassment is my limit. If it gets out of hand and I can’t control it. I will gladly quit. It is not a do or die affair”. The journey has not been completely pleasant for her however, she had her fair share of disappointments and has had to sacrifice a lot. She said: “I have put my life at risk so many times because I had to be on a movie set. Most times I travel late at night.”


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