I can kill if my talent is downplayed – Kontihene

I can kill if my talent is downplayed – Kontihene

I can kill if my talent is downplayed – Kontihene

Hiplife artiste, Kontihene says he will not hesitate to fight anyone who spits on his music career, even if it will cost his life.

The vociferous rapper in an interview on Daybreak Hitz, Tuesday, said he gets overly offensive when people downplay his God given talent.

“When it gets to that zone, I will fight with my last breathe to protect that because that’s all I have. It can be a life and death issue because I didn’t go to school to become a musician. I was born to do that and I will die to be a musician” he noted.

Kontihene is known to be one artiste who never minces words as he has, on a number of occasions, launched scathing attacks on anyone who utters what he considers as a ‘negative’ comment about his act, www.abrantepa.com has observed.

About a year ago, Kontihene engaged in a verbal war with music Roro following the music producer’s assertion that Kontihene was being lazy as an artiste.

As reported by www.abrantepa.com, Kontihene in a rebuttal labelled Roro as an ungrateful soul, questioned why he made such an utterance when he has not sent him [Kontihene] a beat to work with and added that Roro should have counted his mother first because she recorded only an album in her music career.

Kontihene made his debut on the Ghanaian music scene with ‘Nyankonton’ in 2000 which swept all the top awards at the Ghana Music Awards that year.

The album had songs like Aketesia, Asesa, Adjoa, M’adamfo pa, Seniwa and Effeh. The album has been Kontihene’s best.

He recently released ‘Sakoaba’ and ‘Di’ which appear to be doing well.


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