I Broke Up With My Boyfriend 2 Months Ago, He’s Getting Married To Another Woman Who’s 3 Months Pregnant For Him – Lady Cries Out

Shom Grace Mlumun (Facebook/ShomGraceMlumun)

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to blast men after revealing that her boyfriend who dumped her 2 months ago is now getting married to a woman who’s three months pregnant for him – meaning he slept and impregnated another girl one month to the end of their relationship.

The woman identified as Shom Grace Mlumun on Facebook also shared screenshots of the chats she recently had with her ex-boyfriend, who is about to get married.

She shared screenshots of the chats, and captioned it: “XO all men are scum. My ex is getting married. We broke up not up to three months and apparently his wife to b is three months pregnant. Chai I forgive him but it hurts. I have been crying in Hebrews. Shay I made it to semi finals. And he still has the throat to still blame me. Abeg house I want to attend his weeding ooo, but I don’t want to go n start crying.”

Read chats below:


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