Hushpuppi ‘cheats’ Gucci, rocks over N1.5m Louis Vuitton bag, shoes, clothes

Hushpuppi 'cheats' Gucci, rocks over N1.5m Louis Vuitton bag, shoes, clothes

– Huspuppi has been spotted rocking some Louis Vuitton products with class – The Nigerian man did not rock the Gucci products he is known with – The products he rocked at once were estimated to be over N1.5m Hushpuppi, a Nigerian guy known for his deep love for fashion and designer products, has been spotted rocking some designer products completely different from the brand he is known with. The Nigerian guy who has rich taste for classy things was spotted wearing some Louis Vuitton clothes and shoes. The young man who likes to represent the brand he wears completely had some bags from the same designer in the new set of pictures he posted. Hushpuppi had been tagged Gucci prince because of his unwavering love and support for the brand. The lavish lifestyle of the young man has raised many eyebrows in the past and will continue to do so. However, seeing him change his style all of a sudden is a little suspicious.

The caption he gave also added to the doubts as he preached about loyalty. Hushpuppi advised those who would stop by his page to view the pictures to be careful about those they are loyal to. While this might be a little confusing since the young man had been loyal to Gucci for a long time, it may also not have anything to do with the brand.

In the other picture he posted, he talked about being in a ghost mode since he was advised to go solo. The Nigerian man’s name had become a household name because of the frivolous ways he spends and throws his lavish lifestyle on the social media.

The Louis Vuitton bag he was spotted with costs $3,550 which is about N1.2m. The toilet bag was listed as $635 (an equivalent of N229,235) on the Louis Vuitton page. Interestingly, the fashionable Nigerian guy rocked about N1.5m in one picture. Will N30 million free money change your lifestyle? – on TV


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