Horror Viral Video Shows Police Officer Flying Through The Air After Being Hit By Car

 The black saloon lost control on the snowy road in Sardine Canyon in the US state, striking Sergeant Cade Brenchley

Shocking dashcam footage shows a Utah cop being hit by a car while responding to a crash over the weekend.

Highway Patrol Sergeant Cade Brenchley was responding to “multiple slide-offs” in Sardine Canyon in the northern part of the US state on Sunday when he was hit from behind by an out-of-control saloon

Brenchley was wearing a yellow safety vest as he walked towards a motor at the side of the road.

Then a dark car skids into view sending the cop flying as it swipes his legs out from underneath him, flinging him through the air into the snow.

The car keeps skidding forward before coming to a halt facing the wrong way down the road as bystanders rush to the sergeant’s aid.

Brenchley suffered from broken ribs and a broken scapula, and was taken to a local hospital, authorities said.

Two days later, sitting with his wife and four children at the Logan Regional Medical Center, the 13-year veteran of the force described the conditions Sunday night when responding to several crashes in Sardine Canyon.

He said: “It was very slick and slushy and the roads were snow covered.”

He had just gotten out of his patrol car to help a stranded driver when everything went black.

He added: “I woke up and saw snow and I was laying there and it knocked the wind out of me and I was gasping for breath.”

He was sent flying through the air

Brenchley said: “It’s miraculous though that this is all I have.”

His wife Lindsay has only watched the video once.


She said: “Even knowing he’s okay, I don’t like watching him fly through the air like that. It’s intense.”

But she’s hoping other people will watch the clip and learn from it.

The cop said: “When there’s snow on the road you just need to check your ego and slow down.

“Luckily for me, I have a brother in heaven who’s watching my back.”

Brenchley is referring to fellow UHP Trooper, Eric Ellsworth, who died after being hit by a car on the job in 2016

It’s what his daughter, 14-year-old Alexandra Brenchley, thought about immediately when she heard about her dad.

Alexandra said: “I was just crying and I went up to my mum and my mum was like ‘okay listen you need to be strong’.”

The officer added: “It could’ve taken me away from my kids and you know what we watched the video and by all means, it probably should have.”

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