GHAMRO to institute insurance policy for musicians

GHAMRO to institute insurance policy for musicians

The Ghana Music Rights Organization has begun processes to roll out a comprehensive welfare and insurance policy for musicians.

This follows recent cases of poor health and living conditions of some veterans in the Music Industry.

Some entertainment analysts blame the dire condition of some artists on lapses in the current welfare system being operated by music unions.

First Vice President of MUSIGA and Board member of GHAMRO Bessa Simons told the host of Morning Starr, Francis Abban that the new policy will improve the fortunes of Musicians.

“Now we have a new welfare system for GHAMRO that is going to help any song writer, any Artiste who writes music and that is a welfare that has insurance for medicals being it private or government hospital. And also when you have a funeral, your child, mother or your father is going to be catered for as well as a life insurance which will be launched very soon”.

Meanwhile, veteran musician Amandzeba Brew is urging Music Unions to push for more media air- play of Ghanaian music in order to increase the revenue of artists.


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