From the DM to the altar Islam and Sheriffs love story is super amazing

Islam and Sherrif’s love story is not only amazing but also inspiring to people who may have lost hope in finding their soul mate.

Sometimes the most beautiful things comes at a time least expected. What was a long and boring night for Islam and Sherrif turned out to the most memorable night of their lives and their paths finally crossed. Despite the rates of failed attempts by some people when it comes to shooting their shots, it didn’t see to stop Sherrif the moment he decided to slide into Islam’s DM on Instagram. Speaking on how the met, the beautiful bride-to-be had this to say: “It was just like every other night. I was bored and could not sleep so I decided to post a lip sync video I recorded earlier in the day on my Instagram story. A random but gorgeous human (HE. IS. gorgeous though!) slid into my dm. I did not want to reply at first because it was a bit late (being the female I am) but I thought I could use the distraction.

He was not like any other guy sliding into your dm because the first thing he said was “you look 16, why are u still up?”. In my mind, I just knew it was his own way of setting P of course so I played along. Loving and deciding to be with him has been the greatest decision I have ever made. I certainly could not have done better in any way.

I must be the luckiest for having a best friend and a husband in one person. He is effortlessly perfect and I will forever be thankful to God for him. To you bebe, I want you to know that I have fallen so in love with you. I have fallen more madly in love with your laugh, utterly contagious. I have fallen for your smile, makes me giddy for no reason at all. Even with your flaws, your mistakes, your imperfections…every bit of you Omry. I love you to infinity and beyond.

Their prewedding photos which was done on a boat and an aeroplane are simply stunning and their love for each other radiates in the way they look at each other.


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