Falz didn’t bring his music video for licensing – Censors board says

Falz didn’t bring his music video for licensing - Censors board says


Following the release of Falz music video, This Is Nigeria, the National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB), has come out for the famous rapper saying he never brought the video for licensing.

However, the video went viral because it addressed many issues bothering the country over the years. It has also received loads of reactions on social media. In an interview with Rasheed Abubakar, the Director of the licensing department of the NFVCB Cornell Agim disclosed that the rapper didn’t bring his music video for licensing and rating before he released it to the public and unfortunately, the agency’s monitoring team hasn’t reported the video to the directorate.


Agim said: “The agency do censorship and rating of music video before it gets to the general public. We ensure we do analysis of those videos. We also try as much as possible not to tamper with the creative intention of any artiste except they come with some obscenity, which we most time kick against. But Falz didn’t bring his music video for licensing before it gets to the public. As the Director of Licensing, I haven’t seen the video. Same as the agency. None of our monitoring team has brought it to my notice. Hence, we didn’t censor it before it gets to the public. The truth is, most time we can’t reach out. We are handicap because we are not everywhere and we can’t be everywhere. That’s why people like you (journalists) should notify us once you see things like that. Bring them to our notice and we’ll investigate it and bring the perpetrators to book. Often time, we get complain from Nigerians, saying what’s the agency doing? We are trying our best through our best might not be good enough. That’s why we need people like you to supply us with information about the affected song. The agency do organize sensational programmes for filmmakers and music video doctors. We held one recently in Bauchi, we called it consultative forum but many of them didn’t come. You invite them, they won’t come. Some of them will even ask you for transportation fee. We also print out handouts containing guidelines. If you visit our website, there are relevant materials on licensing and rating. But are they visiting the site? Are they reading the uploaded materials? Despite our efforts in sanitizing the industry, some of them would prefer to break the rules.”



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