Exclusive I don’t have the heart for politics – Actor Ramsey Nouah reveals

Exclusive I don’t have the heart for politics - Actor Ramsey Nouah reveals


NAIJ.com recently spoke to popular Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah. He revealed some hidden details about his marriage, how his wife is his ‘backbone’ and how he doesn’t have a heart for politics.

On his wife being a triple woman


I give kudos to my wife. She is the one that knows how to hold it down. My wife is not an ordinary woman. She is a triple woman. She has been there for me. She has been able to handle situations very very well. She has been there in my lows, in my downs and everything. The support she gives me, I don’t think I’ve gotten it anywhere in the world. That support is what has sustained my family. We have been married for 17 years and that’s a lot.


On why his colleagues are joining politics


People are clamoring for change and that’s why my colleagues are joining the government sector. It’s almost like the Nigerian people have been oppressed for too long. Physically, economically, mentally. We are being drained and squeezed and people are beginning to see that we do not want to fight so what can we do? Hence their decision to run. For me, I like my life being who I am. I am not saying say never, but I don’t have the heart for politics.

On Nigerian youths being lazy


Honestly, Nigerian youths are not lazy and if you find anyone that is lazy it is not their fault. It is the fault of the system and it saddens me. The youths have a lot to do but we are not harnessing that. The political leaders are not doing anything to help them. Nigeria’s human capital is humongous. If we have the right structure, this would be a great country.


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