Dumelo ‘torched’ over attempt to mock PRESEC’s ‘bonfire’

Dumelo ‘torched’ over attempt to mock PRESEC’s ‘bonfire’

Actor cum politician, John Dumelo, was mauled on Twitter for misspelling procession.

The ‘Baby Thief’ actor, who was mocking Presbyterian Boys Senior High School’s (PRESEC) ‘Torch and Bonfire’ event, wrote ‘possession’ instead of ‘procession’.

“But since when did PRESEC start doing torchlight possession …#ashock,” Dumelo who was recently embroiled in a stolen V8 scandal tweeted Thursday.

But the immediate response was priceless!

“The time you knew the difference between procession and possession,” one of his followers retorted.

The screenshot of actor’s response has gone viral on social media as many PRESEC old boys give him a taste of his own medicine.


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