Drake’s “Degrassi” Reunion For “I’m Upset” Came Together In Less Than A Week

Drake’s “Degrassi” Reunion For “I’m Upset” Came Together In Less Than A Week

Drake came out of hiding last night after being on the receiving end of Pusha T ‘s scathing, “The Story Of Adidon” diss track. While many were hoping for a response, it’s clear that J. Prince put that to a halt
so Drake’s simply back to rolling out his forthcoming album, Scorpion.

Last night, he released the video for ” I’m Upset .” While the song itself received luke-warm reviews, Drake stans were excited by the fact that he brought the cast of Degrassi together for a “high school reunion.”

While some may have thought that this was done months prior to his back-and-forth with Push, it looks like he actually shot the video this last weekend.

TMZ recently spoke to Shane Kippel, who played Spinner, and Ephraim Ellis, who played the role of Rick. The two of them revealed that the video shoot was only planned within a week. In addition, the
video was only shot this past weekend.

“We literally shot this video from the 8th to 10th,” Kippel said. Ellis added, “Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I’m surprised the video came out this fast.”

Both of them revealed they only had a few days notice for the shoot as Drake’s team only reached out the week prior.

It’s definitely a big moment for any Degrassi fans from back in the day. But it’s also a big moment for both actors involved. Ellis admitted that he hadn’t seen Drake since they shot the episode where he left Drizzy in a wheelchair. Kippel said that he and Drake talk on social media every once in a while but they haven’t seen each other in five years.

Drake didn’t only confront the same topic that critics try to hold against with the “I’m Upset” video but he also reunited with several people that watched him grow into the superstar he is today.


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