Do you expect KKD to kill his son for being gay? – Sally Frimpong

Do you expect KKD to kill his son for being gay - Sally Frimpong

Celebrated broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah affectionately called KKD, has come under verbal attacks for supporting his son, Darkwah Kyei Darkwah for coming out as gay.

The renowned broadcaster, through his Facebook page said, although our culture frowns on ‘gayism’, he cannot disown his son for coming out as gay.

However, his declaration drew wild condemnations from the public. But entertainment critic, Sally Frimpong has wondered why people have failed to look at it from the angle of a father standing by his son.

Speaking on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, she said, “What is he [KKD] going to do after his son came out as gay? Some kill themselves because of such things but KKD has shown him love. He does not support the act but that is the son and so what should he do? ‘’The son came out to say he is gay and the father has said he knew it and from where he comes from, this is not acceptable. However, he cannot deny his son for being gay.’’

Sally Frimpong said although the bible frowns on same sex, such individuals cannot be attacked or killed for being gay.

‘’The bible frowns on gayism and every true Christian should speak against it but if my neighbour’s son is gay, I cannot beat and pull a gun at that individual. We should co-exist because he is not your friend.’’

According to her, we should not be attacking KKD for standing behind his only son all because he came out as gay.

She said, we should separate KKD as an entity from the coming out of his as gay.

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