Davido’s Brother, ChairmanHKN Blasts B-Red’s Non-Fans Against His Sharing Of N500 Notes

Davido's Brother, ChairmanHKN Blasts B-Red's Non-Fans Against His Sharing Of N500 Notes

Davido’s brother, ChairmanHKN came to the rescue of his cousin singer, Bred who received backlash after he shared a video of himself distributing N500 naira notes to some kids.

Non-fans who blasted B-red for giving out an amount that can’t get the kids much, further condemned the video as they tagged it a ‘show off’.


However in his argument, ChairmanHKN claimed that B-Red is setting a good example and should be encouraged.

According to him, people show off cars and houses everyday but no one complains about it.

Here’s what he wrote;

“People show off on social media everyday! Watches chains cars but if it’s to show a good deed it must stay between you & God! Why!? Atleast @bredhkn is setting a good example of what someone in his position is able to do, instead of praising him u guys are hating saying it’s small money or why must it be shown fuck off all u broke miserable idiots! Those that appreciate it God bless you u get sense

@bige_nice that’s ur opinion people show off cars chains houses everyday and no one complains but here complaining about someone showing him giving help to people that need it? Don’t understand the sense in that if u don’t like it keep it moving don’t comment ur negative comments are not needed in a positive environment!

@tunolad are u dumb u don’t follow American celebrities they show themselves giving money back to random people everyday pls receive sense!

@andersoncooper24 Why u hiding behind a fake account!? If u really want smoke we can meet up fuck boy! Stop hiding behind a fake account I have Time today fuck u and u family bitch ass nigga! Ur mad cuz my Dad has money what’s my business! U don’t know shit about me or what I’ve done to get money so fuck u if u wanna handle it any other way besides the internet let me know fuck boy!

Y’all are mad! This is the reason why naija as a country doesn’t move forward someone is giving free money and u guys are saying it’s small ur papa! What have u done today to help the less for fortunate! No mind them @bredhknJobless fools.”


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