Control life threatening ‘One Corner’ dance – Sonnie Badu warns

Control life threatening ‘One Corner’ dance – Sonnie Badu warns

Control life threatening ‘One Corner’ dance – Sonnie Badu warns

Ghanaian UK-based gospel musician, Sonnie Badu is calling on authorities to, as a matter of urgency, take a critical look at the famous ‘One Corner’ dance craze and apply restrictions before the unfortunate happens.

Sonnie Badu in a video shared on social media was shocked that people could exhibit life threatening moves just to show others how crazy they can be as they dance to the ‘One Corner’ hit song.

He posits that the earlier restrictions are applied, the better for the nation and its citizens.

“It’s getting dangerous. I saw someone climb an electric pole, I saw someone climb a tipper truck, I saw someone run under a car, and I saw someone dancing while cars were moving. Now this is getting out of hands. Do you want to wait until you hear somebody dead before you say ‘one corner’ killed him?” he queried.

“I’m getting concerned about the rate at which people are taking this to the extreme. I’ve seen people jump over people just to demonstrate what the ‘one corner’ means. I believe there would have been restrictions if it happened in other countries,” he added.

Sonnie Badu however indicated that his comment is not to downplay the efforts of Patapaa, the performer of the song. According to him, it is better to control the craze to prevent lives from perishing.

“In fact, it’s a good trend. Once in a while, good trends are interesting. We had ‘the ladder’, ‘two thowzing’, ‘kpakpakpa’… This could be an interesting trend that started in Swedru; nobody is taking away the young man’s hard work. It is his time to shine but we have to make sure that if we know it’s his time to shine, then let’s people who know they can help this guy, help him,” he counseled.

The ‘one corner’ dance is a crazy dance accompanied with extra energy that requires one secludes oneself in a corner and perform a s?xually stimulating dance. has cited some of the videos and can attest to the concerns raised by Sonnie Badu.

Recently, it was reported that a lady believed to be in her twenties lost her life in the Central Region as a result.

Meanwhile, the president of the Chayil Women Movement and Rev. Minister of the WordAflame Family Chapel, Rev. Mrs Jennifer Selly says the dance is demonic as the artiste consulted a spiritualist before releasing the song.

She has therefore advised her congregants not to get involved in the act.

“It is demonic from the pit of hell. Immediately I looked into my husband’s face and told him, this man went to take juju to do this. The spirit that gave him the fame is the spirit that motivate the people to behave abnormally. Let us be filled with the spirit of God.” she said during a church service.

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