Chika Lann looses her N40m hair after Nigeria lost to Croatia

Chika Lann looses her N40m hair after Nigeria lost to Croatia

– Chika Lann, the model who claimed her hairstyle is worth N40m has gotten rid of it

– She revealed Nigeria’s loss to Croatia was responsible for her decision

– It is unclear if she will make another ‘expensive hairstyle’ had earlier reported about a model who claimed her hairstyle was worth N40million. Chika Lann had taken to her social media pages to make the weird declaration. Many had questioned how true her claim was until she revealed that because of the ‘investment’ on her head, she decided to get herself a mobile police officer to guard her at all times. She recently got into the world cup spirit when she revealed that if Nigeria loses her opening match against Croatia, she would get rid of the hairstyle.

After Nigeria’s loss, she eventually fulfilled her promise and cut her hair. She took to her Instagram page to reveal how she came to the decision to do so. See her post below: “Many people have been daring me to lose my hair… But, I don’t care. I don’t do what people tell me to do. I only loosed it because of my Promise. I am still Chika Lann with or without the 40M hair.”


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