Charly Boy praises his mother, calls her gracious as she turns 100

Nigerian musician, Charly Boy, has taken to social media to celebrate his mother on her 100th birthday.

There is no bond stronger than that of a mother and her child. No matter how grown a child may be, the love for a mother never fades away and Nigerian singer and activist, Charly Boy certainly knows this. He is celebrating his mum, Mrs. Oputa, who turns 100 years old today, May 8. In a post shared on social media, he praised his mother, calling her a gracious and wonderful woman. Sharing her photo, he wrote: “Abegi Help Us Thank God. Many cheers to our rugged, peaceful and serene Great grand mother. In fact, you deserve to live in paradise and shown the finer things, but you rather be with us in this our suffering and poverty-stricken environment. Kai, over trying to worry you. The gracious woman, so wonderful and divine,
You’ve endured many things in a world so unkind! Thank God you have us to protect you from all the rubbish of the world.

It’s funny how you hold our fears within your palm!

Even in your young old age, your talk is confident, your eyes are soft and your skin as soft as a baby’s bum. Now we all live in the competition to see the many smiles we can activate in you in a day. 
I can’t imagine a gift greater than you, your love is Heaven sent. You truly deserve all the attention and love we try to shower you with. We all love you like, kilode!!!!!!
Happy first 100yrs Indeed you’re something else.”

From the rather emotional birthday message, it is easy to tell that Charly Boy, who is known for his tough and rugged persona, definitely has a soft spot for the elderly woman is not just a mother, but a grand and great-grandmother as well. To live to see a hundred years is rare and considered a blessing. Mama Charly is certainly blessed.


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