Bam! 5 Time Kalybos Wore African Prints In The Most Stylish Ways

African print is a great way to add color and culture to any outfit. When in doubt of what to wear to work on any day, match African print shirt or top with trousers and skirt for an elegant look.

Most workwear can become monotonous with corporate fittings that often lack personality and imagination. So, if possible, mix up my more corporate outfits with an African print trousers like Kalybos has been noted for. brings to you some ways to style up your African print to work.

Choose Prints With Patterns.

What distinguishes African prints from the European fabrics is its distinct patterns. So, if you want to pop but not exactly pop out at work, tone down the vibrancy of your African print, make sure the patterns are beautifully laid.

Keep It Smart.

It is very essential to look your best to work. No matter the style of print, you need to look like you are ready for any activity the day has.

Keep It Simple But Lovely

The design should look very simple. It must have the office appeal. Nothing too exaggerated or complex. You could sow your print trouser and wear a fitted shirt with a collar or a round neck.

Keep A Super Clean Look

This might seem parallel to the context but ten times out of nine, it’s not about the apparel but the individual. Your style would dazzle more if you keep it clean. Hair smart, complementing look with a little accessory, matching with sleek shoes.


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