Amara and Nwankwo Kanu show off their happy marriage

Amara and Nwankwo Kanu show off their happy marriage

– Nigerian football star, Kanu Nwankwo and his beautiful wife have given fans fitness goals – The couple shared a lovely photo of them doing a simple fitness routine – From the looks of it, working out is one thing that keep them happy together Kanu Nwankwo and his gorgeous wife, Amara tied the knot over a decade ago. Their love however, after three kids is waxing strong and they have hinted on one thing that keeps them together; work out routines.

In a recently released photo, Amara who is a fitness coach was seen doing press up routines with her husband as they shared a kiss. Knowing Kanu is a sports man, it is just the perfect match that his wife is also into keeping fit. There are many ways to keep love alive in a marriage and this couple have found the perfect, healthy one.

Amara and Nwankwo Kanu Source: Instagram Clearly, a couple that work out together, stay together.


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