Actress Regina Chukwu Recounts How Her Child Was Forcefully Taken From Her By Her In-laws After Her Husband’s Death

Actress Regina Chukwu Recounts How Her Child Was Forcefully Taken From Her By Her In-laws After Her Husband’s Death

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Regina Chukwu is celebrating the 17th birthday of her daughter, who she said was snatched from her after her husband died.

According to her, after her husband died, her in-laws told her she couldn’t return to the city with her children except she agreed to some conditions.

She agreed immediately so as not to be separated from her son and daughter who were 4 months old and 3 years old respectively.

However, to her surprise, her late husband’s sister took her 3-year-old daughter away from her the next day.

She cried, begged, and ran after the car but it didn’t get her her child back.

She was allowed to keep her son because he was still breastfeeding at the time.

Sadly, her daughter was forced to grow up away from her. Today, that girl is 17 years old and has been reunited with her mother.

Read her post below;

“Do you believe that this daughter of mine was once snatched away forcefully from me? She was barely 3yrs old then. Do you believe that I was forced to live apart from my daughter for close to 3yrs Let me take you on a journey down memory lane . When death took away their father and I was totally lost in this world, then came family and traditions (story for another day) they told me that I can’t go back to the city with my 2 children unless I accepted some conditions, which I was quick to accept, even at that, they told me I could only go with Richard cos I was still breastfeeding him then,

“I thought it was a joke but that very morning my late husband’s sister who lived in Enugu city then said she was going back to base with her and she was going to register her for school there ( I was still mourning my husband then) I cried, I begged, couldn’t watch them take her away, so I ran after the car, fell, stood up and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, ran after the moving car but I couldn’t catch up (emotions) the story of how I got my baby back and more I intend to tell as a movie someday the great news is that, this is that babygirl standing next to me almost taller than me lol and she now drags my cloth with me pls celebrate my first fruit with me.”

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