Actress Nayas canes gospel singer Ernest Opoku during radio show

Actress Nayas canes gospel singer Ernest Opoku during radio show

Actress Nayas canes gospel singer Ernest Opoku during radio show

– Actress Nayas reportedly stormed Adom FM studios to lash Ernest Opoku

– Nayas, according to reports, is one of Ernest Opoku girlfriends even though he is married with kids

– Nayas’ action is understood as a “payback” to Ernest Opoku for making her abort a baby, according to reports

The studios of Adom FM was turned into a boxing arena when Nayas, an actress and ex-girlfriend of gospel singer Ernest Opoku, stormed the studios to give the singer the beatings of his life. A furious Nayas, who is a producer and actress, reportedly stormed the station with a hidden cane and attacked the gospel musician during a live worship show. The attack follows Ernest Opoku’s admission that he made a mistake by having an affair with the actress which resulted in a pregnancy.

Ernest Opoku

Nayas, according to an interview she granted earlier aborted that pregnancy because Ernest Opoku convinced her to do so. The musician is reported to have pleaded with pastors and the general public to pray for him so he will not yield to temptations. He, in fact, blamed the devil, for the affair. “Mistakes are committed by human beings. I am not an angel. The Bible says the righteous shall fall seven times but God shall lift him up. Pray for me so that God continues to lift me up. The fact that I have made a mistake does not mean the Lord has forsaken me,” he added.

Nayas, born Gladys Mensah Boaku, is, however, not happy with Ernest Opoku’s claim that his affair with her was a “mistake”. Therefore, her wild action at the studios of Adom FM to seek revenge. The action distracted the programme and some listeners who live around rushed to the premises of Adom FM to see what was going on. Several people who had gathered at the station tried in vain to calm down an angry Nayas who said she would only forgive the musician if he retracts the comments and goes down on his knees to beg her for forgiveness.

A furious Nayas camped at the forecourt of The Multimedia Group waiting impatiently for Ernest Opoku to come out for more lashes, but he did not step out and remained in the studios to avoid further embarrassment. It was the only ace broadcaster and actor Amankwah Ampofo who managed to convince her to abandon her mission and leave. It was then that Ernest Opuku also quietly left the premises of the station without further incident.


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