A Plus is a disappointment – DaGaow

A Plus is a disappointment - DaGaow

Ghanaian afropop and hip-hop artist DaGaow has described controversial hiplife artist A Plus as disappointing.

This follows the most recent controversies regarding A Plus including his alleged contract with the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST).

According to DaGaow, A Plus did not practise what he has been preaching in his music.

“I used to look up to A Plus, not because he was controversial but because he was an artist who proved to Ghana that musicians are not just entertainers but they can equally play a watchdog role and expose corruption and other social vices. However, current revelations, if they are true, are very disappointing”.

DaGaow maintains that A Plus’ consistent attacks on political parties and political figures could have been for his own self-interest and not for the masses, as he led Ghanaians to believe.

“I think he should come out clearly, coz I am his number one fan and he needs to prove to us Ghanaians that all the allegations are not true”.

The artist maintains that he and his colleagues in the showbiz industry are like preachers and are therefore expected to lead by example.

DaGaow has his new single, “Boys Aye Hye” supported by a music video shot by one of Ghana’s famous music video directors, Snares, is currently trending. “Boys Aye Hye” literally means “Boys are hot” and infers that boys are really focused.

In the song, Dagaow seeks to inspire the youth to be focused in life and work hard towards achieving their dreams. Unlike most motivational music that are usually low tempo, “Boys Aye Hye” is characterised with a dance tune for a variety of occasions.


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