8 key things to know about BBNaija’s evicted housemate Lolu


Recently evicted housemates, Lolu, may have been more interesting than we realized.

Apart from Rico, Lolu was also considered one of the most liked in the house. His diplomatic and problem solving skills earned him fans across the country. His romance with fellow housemate, Anto, also added to his loved feature as a ladies’ man. Sadly, neither he nor his love interest, Anto, made it into the finals and their fans are clearly heartbroken about this. Well, Lolu may be out of the house but he is certainly not out of people’s hearts. There is so much more to the now reality star and NAIJ.com has details.


Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the well spoken gentleman: 1. He is 29-year-old From his boyish looks, Lolu can definitely pass for 20. However, the talented investment manager is in his late 20s, probably one of the oldest contenders in the BBNaija show. 2. Former OAP at Cool FM Ibadan Lolu was reportedly worked as an On-Air personality for the popular radio station, Cool FM, Ibadan. This is no surprise as he is one of the housemates with an almost-perfect diction. 3. His father isn’t aware he went for the show At the begining of the show, Lolu revealed that he didn’t let his father know that he was going for the show. This goes a long way to show how brave and determined he was about pursuing his dreams.


4. Good with accents Among his many talents, Lolu is very good with accents. He could fool you to beleive he is an Igbo man with a very thick accent and the next thing, he sounds like a proper British man with a cockney accents. Little wonder, he was very good with the drama task in the house. 5. Alumnus of University of Ilorin With all the different accents and the wealth of knowledge he has, one would think he school abroad. However that is not the case. He finished from the University of Ilorin in Kwara state, Nigeria. 6. His intentions for the money When he was asked what his plans were for the money, he revealed that he would go back to school with the money and also invest, travel and help renovate his father’s house. Sadly, he didn’t lost out in the race. 7. Interesting hobbies He enjoys eating, reading, traveling, playing video as well as board games. He is also a secret poet, dancer and singer. 8. His high and low moments His highest point in life was securing a job at a large investment banking corporation. His low moment was losing his mother which made him reach rock bottom.

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