16 funny Nigerian Instagram comedians you should know

16 funny Nigerian Instagram comedians you should know

1) @mrhyenana


The advent of social media has given rise to a new type of celebrity – the Instagram star. Previously unknown comics in Nigeria have found in the photo and video sharing site the perfect tool to showcase their talents. The more successful ones have managed to become full blown celebs in their own right. However, NAIJ has compiled a list of 12 rising Nigerian Instagram stars you should know.

This comedian used to be known by a name many can’t even remember. But when a skit showing him mis-pronouncing what a female Hyena is called, Hyenana was born. He recently went viral when he pranked toll collectors in Lekki

2) @Xploit_comedy


What makes Brizy Emmanuel aka @Xploit_comedy different from others is the way he and the rest of his group infuse graphics and special effects in their skits.

3) @laughpillscomedy


Bro Solomon is the main character in the hilarious world @laughpillscomedy has created. He recently just graduated from university. A future in comedy or acting awaits him.

5) @Klintoncod


He describes himself as a ‘medical laugh expert’ and anyone who has seen his skits would agree. The way he uses his signature saying ‘Ooonkayyn’ is particularly hilarious.

6) @perpetuachris


If you want to see a female tell her everyday stories with a hilarious twist, Perpetua is your girl. She however insists she is not a comedienne.

7) @woliagba_ayoajewole


Ayo Ajewole first came to the limelight as the overconfident prophet Woli Agba in the ultra-popular oti ganpa comedy series and since then, Instagram has become another way for him to thrill fans. His adventures with his mischievous protégé Dele will leave you in stitches; even if you do not understand Yoruba.

8) @thespian_nozy


Together with his @Kastropee_, these guys run Real House of Comedy. If you like your skits mixed with street wise Warri ‘actions’, these two will keep you laughing.

9) @lasisielenu


The king of rants as he is popularly known, Lasisi is fairly new to the IG comedy sphere. His quasi serious way of detailing his experiences is why many can’t get enough of him.

10) @thecuteabiola


His claim to fame came after he made a skit about ‘ankaragucci’ and since then, the lanky MC and comedian hasn’t looked back.

12) @Josh2funny


Know those videos showing a man dressed as a woman reading from an upside down hymn book, Josh2funny is behind them. Add his unique way of remaking popular songs, or any of his ‘audition’ videos, one is in for a treat.

13) @Mummyndioha


This mummy’s claim to fame is the hilarious spin she puts on the way celebrities dress. She also makes hilarious videos showing her copying them too.

14) @Maraji


Seeing that Gloria Oloruntobi aka Maraji only just finished her NYSC, one wonders where the inspiration for her funny skits come from. She has an uncanny way of explaining ‘situations.’

15) @Oluwadolarz


Together with his ‘kids’ Tope and Ayo, Oluwadolarz’s skits will literally leave you rolling on the floor in laughter.

16) @therealfemi


When he made videos portraying self-acclaimed Snapchat queen Bobrisky and his gateman Jacob, it was at that moment many appreciated that Femi was extremely hilarious. Which Instagram star did we miss?


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